Worldwide Staging Service Week® 2021

Worldwide Staging Service Week® 2021

By Patrizia Panza – WWSSW® Coordinator – Europe

Worldwide Staging Service Week® is a very important event in the IAHSP®EU Agenda and it is so valuable for the IAHSP®EU as an Association due to its special mission.

The IAHSP® Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation that provides the funds needed for Worldwide Staging Service Week® (WWSSW®). 

The IAHSP® Foundation raises funds for IAHSP® WWSSW® Projects all over the world in support of what the members do.

Worldwide Staging Service Week® projects have been carried out since 2005 when our IAHSP® Founder Barb Schwarz created the IAHSP® Foundation together with the yearly target of giving back to less fortunate ones. 

Donations to the IAHSP® Foundation can be offered all year long through the IAHSP® website.  The majority of fundraising occurs during the annual IAHSP® Conference when items are auctioned off to help raise money in support of the Foundation. 

Please Donate

All donations, either big or small, are extremely precious. They allow to help others in need!

For further info to support IAHSP®EU WWSSW® 2021 Projects as donor or sponsor contact

Since 2018 also Europe, every year in September from the 12th to the 19th during the Worldwide Staging Service Week® sponsored by IAHSP® FOUNDATION, IAHSP® International and IAHSP®-EU, European members have had the opportunity to work together and give back their time, service, and talent to Stage® for a deserving beneficiary in their own communities.

As Professional Stagers part of IAHSP®EU and IAHSP® International we can register our Charity Projects on the IAHSP® website on the page reserved to Worldwide Staging Service Week® and will be honored to show how much we care by giving and sharing in regards to where we live and work throughout the year.

This is one of the many benefits of being part of our Association.

The global dimension of IAHSP® Europe and IAHSP® Foundation can be converted into a local dimension.
GLOCAL is the dimension of the WWSSWeek®.

IAHSP® members can give their contribution to spread the culture of Home Staging throughout the World and be rewarded with the huge gift to see Home Staging appreciated, being recognised as ethical Professional People who help other people in a very special and unique way.
Thanks to a Project dedicated to a deserving recipient in our community we can give a crucial contribution to increase the reputation of all Home Stagers Professionals part of IAHSP®EU as Professionals who run their business in compliance with a strict Ethical Code.
All of us are connected
Each of us has got the universal, social as well as personal responsibility to the lives of others because our behaviour impacts them and last year we experienced this all over the world, in a very unpredictable way that we have never thought of before.
We can really make the difference.

The famous American designer Charles Eames usually says:

The role of designer is that of …
a very good, thoughtful host anticipating
the needs of his guests.

We can be that designer.

Let’s create the concept of our own project, let’s make a moodboard, draw it and give it a title.

We will share the marvellous experience of changing people’s lifestyle by smiling via Homes Staging for Living Projects as I have seen in these 3 years being completely involved in the Worldwide Staging Service Week®.
I have designed 3 Projects for the European Worldwide Staging Service Week® offering all my expertise as Interior Designer and Home Stager for the House of Peter Pan placed in Rome where families with children affected by oncological deseases are hosted for all the time they need therapies.

I felt such a feeling of gratitude and pleasure to have done this human and professional experience that I cannot describe it exhaustively but I assure you that you will be able to understand me if you make a Project this year as participants of the Worldwide Staging Service Week® 2021.