Worldwide Staging Day 2023

Worldwide Staging Day 2023

WORLD WIDE STAGING DAY 1/9/23 IS FOR YOU TO CELEBRATE YOUR HOME STAGING CAREER! This special Staging Day is for YOU to Celebrate Your Staging Career and Your Talent, Creativity, Business, Clients, Our EAHSP Staging Association, the Staging Industry and Much More! Together through Home Staging We have Changed the Real Estate Industry Forever! Staged Homes Sell Faster and For More Money no matter what the Current Market is doing at any time.

Also as We Stage Homes it Reduces Stress for Sellers in the Selling process and for the RE Agent too. Staging Benefits the Seller, the Buyer, the RE Agent, the Home Inspectors, the Appraisers and the list goes on. I have always said all these 51 years since I invented Home Staging that 2 things sell a Home, one is price and the other is Staging, and the Greatest of these 2 is Home Staging! I say this because it is true! So let us all Celebrate our Staging Day on January 9th in Special Ways! Celebrate with other Stagers, put on an event, or give a talk at the Library, have a Client appreciation lunch and Celebrate in anyway that You chose. I am SO VERY PROUD of YOU as a Professional Home Stager, as an EAHSP Member and that You chose the Industry I invented and Built for many years for You to build Your Business In!

I would love to hear from You how You chose to Celebrate our World Wide Staging Day! Email me pictures with a small write up should you like to and I will post it on my website where I feature WWSDAY for us all. Some of you are WWSDAY Ambassadors and I thank you for spreading the Staging Day Word to all you know and meet. Should you like to become a WWSDAY Ambassador just go to my website of and click on ‘World Wide Staging Day’ on the home page menu where you can sign up to become an Ambassador. Also on my site you can download the WWSDAY 2023 logo and the WWSDAY 2023 Certificate I designed for You to print out to add to your Portfolio credentials.

Thank you for Your Commitment to Professionalism, Ethical Standards, to being an EAHSP Member, and to Quality Staging everyday of Your Staging Career.

With love and appreciation of You


Barb Schwarz

The Inventor of Home Staging and The Staging Industry

Founder of WWSDAY, WWSSW, and the CSCS Course and Designation