Co-Winner of the "Best Luxury" Category

Co-Winner of the “Best Luxury” Category

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Co-Winner of the “Best Luxury” Category: Ana Mendes, Portugal


Quinta do Peru Golf & Country Club

Co-Winner: Ana Mendes, Portugal
Project name
Quinta do Peru Golf & Country Club
Country and city
Did you perform the Staging on your own or with your team
Which market was the property prepared for?
For rent
What was the size of the property?
>175 square meters
What was the selling/renting price?
For rent > 3.000 per month
What was the allocated budget for this project?
Project Description
Integrated in a golf club, this villa with swimming pool, with 4 bedrooms, 1 office and 1 large common room was prepared for rent.
The target segment of this house are lovers of the sport of golf and their families.
Just 40 minutes from Lisbon and next to the beach it is the ideal home for those who like to be close to everything but in a quiet place.
As the house is surrounded by trees and lakes and close to the beach, I favoured the use of natural materials.
Between the award / selection of all furniture and a photo session, 5 weeks passed.
It is a property whose sale value is 1,200,000 €
Before & After pictures