Use Stageflow to win business!

Use Stageflow to win business!

You want to win more business.

You know that real estate agents are a really good route to the business you want.

The agents you speak to seem to regard staging as ‘non-essential’ in their marketing.

In a seller’s market, real estate agents don’t believe it’s necessary to use staging, ‘everything is selling quickly without the need for staging’

In a buyer’s market, agents are afraid to recommend staging as an additional cost to their client in case they lose out to another agent who is willing to launch the property at a top price without staging.

As a professional stager it’s not enough to know that your service works, it’s not enough to talk about the obvious visual impact of using staging. You need hard evidence of how staging makes a financial difference to both vendor and real estate agent.

Let’s think about how every stager sells business. Whether you are a part of the Home Staging Association (HSA) or the International Home Staging Association Professionals (IAHSP), newly formed stager or established, every one of us sells our services in our own way. However, there is one thing that SHOULD be the same for us all! That is the evidence that we use to prove the importance of staging in gaining a quicker sale and for a higher price.

Think about the last time you went to quote for a job. You looked around the property and could see that prior to its launch to market it would benefit from staging. How did you approach the client or agent about this?

Clients love to see before and after images of properties you have previously staged so they can compare their own house to others. They want to know about you the stager. Have you been on any staging courses, has your business won any awards? They want to know that you are trustworthy and credible.

BUT – most importantly, they want to know, is YOUR staging going to influence THEIR sale!

Proving this can be difficult as well as time consuming, endless spreadsheet analysis, not everyone’s idea of a wild night in! We developed the Stageflow app to do the hard work for you. We’re not all mathematicians and so working out the property offer vs guide price, or the staging cost as a percentage of the list price takes time.

Let Stageflow do the heavy lifting. All you have to do is to record information you will already know. The launch price of the house, whether it has been on the market before and how much your staging costs. Once the property has sold you add in the date he way that Stageflow works best is with data. As long as all of the relevant fields are completed, the reports will automatically be published. It’s that easy!

As an industry we need to work together to change the way property is marketed in the UK, it’s our job to educate our estate agents and clients. With Stageflow, you will be confident in justifying your staging costs for the results you will achieve for your client.

If you have any questions about how Stageflow works, then please do get in touch! To sign up for Stageflow, click here.