IAHSP® European Board had the pleasure to tour KAVEHOME Headquarters, located in Sills, Spain. It was a great opportunity to meet with the Marketing Department Specialists, look and feel their amazing furniture and to explore further ways for building a successful Partnership.

About the Company:
Dedicated to the Design, Development and Distribution of modern urban furniture collections.

The IAHSP®EU Board with the KAVEHOME Team in Spain.

Founded in 1982, has since then built up a very strong reputation in the furniture and contract business. Undergoing a major international expansion with the aim to provide a fast and reliable service worldwide, always keeping the foundations of our company in mind: design, quality and sustainability.

Our philosophy is to offer design products and ensure good value for money. Betting on new technologies and new materials is key to renewing our collections quickly and efficiently. Very tight quality control, both during the design phase as well as during mass production is key in keeping quality standards at the current high level. This allows us to offer quality products with all the required guarantees.

Respect in all our business dealings, customer focus, commitment, positivity and pro-activity are the fundamental values of our teams. Honesty and trust in people are the basis of all our relationships. We try to be positive, find the best solutions and make things easy for our customers. Every day we strive with enthusiasm to build a better company and to achieve our ambitious goals.

In the middle of the consolidation of the European market, we commercialize our products in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovakia and Lithuania, among others. Growing worldwide presence in all continents: Australia, Russia, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Mali, French Guiana, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Senegal.

Take a look at their fabulous furniture collection