The Home Staging Report 2020 by the HSA

The Home Staging Report 2020 by the HSA

The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland is delighted to announce the arrival of the highly anticipated Home Staging Report 2020!

As any keen Home Stager knows, the HSA’s annual report is one of the key elements to a successful year – especially in this turbulent turn of the decade. To combat the unsurety many property professionals are feeling, the HSA has taken pains to thoroughly report on the effects of COVID on the Home Staging industry.

The Coronavirus side of the report examines pre- and post-lockdown market statistics. Extrapolating this data is a necessity for any Home Stager on the industry’s cutting edge.

As many who work with statistics, figures, and quantitative data on a daily basis will know, the consumption of such data can be rather dry. That’s why the HSA UK & Ireland are delighted to thank Ciaran Horrex of Kin Design for his exceptional contribution to the report’s visuals.

Kin Design totes itself as a “creative studio and abstractly named manifestation of two designers” that goes about “collectively preaching the invisible elements of typographic style with lyrical metaphor… with meaning, emotion, [and] clarity of thought”.

Put simply, they’re a pair who care about the transmission of words.

Kin is the brainchild of Ben Budden and Ciaran Horrex, an impressive duo with a wide-ranging portfolio that includes the likes of Garmin, Kay & Co London, and Bournemouth University.

Please visit HSA’s website and download the full report. Alternatively, you can order the printed Coffee Table version here, or the Trade Book here.

Happy reading!

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