The first Italian statistics by IAHSP® EUROPE

The first Italian statistics by IAHSP® EUROPE

The Italian section of IAHSP® Europe has been the first to produce the collection of statistical data on sales times and price reductions on properties that have been professionally prepared and Staged.

Many Italian Home Staging Professionals are part of our association, and it is thanks to their contribution and experience that it has been possible to create a national statistic. 

In fact, the results speak for themselves. The number of brokerage companies that use Home Staging as a marketing tool to help sell homes is on a constant growth.  Those who choose to collaborate with a professional Home Stager understand how advantageous and qualifying it is to make use of this service.

The first set of data produced in Italy speaks for itself: the best possible prices and a reduced time of home staying on the market. Home Staging is a service that gives value to everyone in a virtuous circle: the R.E. Agent, the owner, and the buyer. The data confirms it!

In the United States, where home staging was born 50 years ago thanks to the intuition of Barb Schwarz, it is now a consolidated practice to Stage the property before it hits the market. In Italy, we are going at a slower pace, where REAs are still learning how beneficial is Home Staging. 

Today more than ever it becomes crucial to utilize such a quality service.

So how effective is home staging?

We share with you the results of the first national statistic relating to sales times and price reduction on properties that have been staged by a professional Home Stager belonging to IAHSP® EU. 

The numbers that have emerged undoubtedly demonstrate that Home Staging is effective in two aspects in particular: reduction in sales times and better sale price.

    • The average time a property remains on the market without Home Staging is 180 days (source: Bank of Italy); with Home Staging, the average time a property remains on the market goes all the way down to 35.

    • Staged properties foresee a 4% discount on the established initial price on average. 

In other words, Home Staging serves to give each house “its own” right value.

You must agree with us that Home Staging works!

Article prepared by the IAHSP® EU Regional and Vice Manager for Italy, Francesca Greco & Maddalena Lovaglio