The ‘Certified Staging Communication Specialist’ Course I Created For YOU

The ‘Certified Staging Communication Specialist’ Course I Created For YOU

By Barb Schwarz

Dear EAHSP Members,

Staging is Communication! Communication is Staging! How we talk, how we look, our body language, attitude and our Communication can totally make or break our meetings with a Seller, a Buyer, a listing Agent, another Stager, a Mover, Real Estate Agents, and the list goes on. 

To me Communication isn’t important, it’s CRUCIAL! No matter how great your Staging is I see and know that Communication carries the day! 

It is The Secret that I am working hard to Reveal to You!

I see a need. A real need for Me to teach Professional Stagers, our Members, more about Communication. I am talking about More productive, Better quality, more positive, easier, concern ending Communication that brings the Seller to You! 

The type of Communication to use that I have found WORKS! It works over and over again and with every seller I have ever met with. How do we do that? 

Well, that is what my Communication Program is all about. I invented Home Staging as You may know, but I also invented The CAREERBook® which has changed hundreds of thousands of lives for the better as Staging has changed millions and millions of lives too.

 And it is My Communication Program that I originated, developed, built, and truly works that I want to share and teach You NOW in Home Staging that we need. Just think about how VITAL Communication is to You. Everything we do involves Communication! And The CAREERBook® is a fabulous Communication tool I will be teaching you too.

Right now, I ask YOU to ask Yourself some questions:

A. How Good is My Communication Really?

B. Could I Use More Ways to Communication Better to Secure more Business?

C. Do I Secure Every Seller I Meet With to be My Client now?

D. Do I want to Learn More of How to Communicate Better with RE Agents to Stage More of Their listings?

E. Why didn’t the sellers do what I told them to do?

F.  Maybe, I should lower my fees?

G. Why does She get all the Business in our area for Staging?

H. The RE Agent whose listings I have Staged for a Year just said they are now going to work with another Stager instead? Why?

You know that I could keep on going with more questions. However, You know in Your heart right now whether learning More about Communication is Important to You! For me, I know that there is room for EACH OF US to improve our Communication Skills! So, I Decided To Do Something about it! 

I decided to Share and Teach My Communication Course that I have built over years that covers Major and Minor situations, topics, challenges, issues, and more in Staging that can come up or happen with Sellers, RE Agents, other Stagers, or anyone involved in Staging. 

Things CAN Just happen! They can cause challenges, stress, cost money, can create hurt feelings, and this list goes on as we all know. That is why I am writing You. Because I am here to help You with almost any situation You hear, experience, face or are involved with in Staging. How do I know? Well, I humbly share with You from my heart that it is ‘Because I have been there, done it, and I Built the Concepts, Ideas and the Program of Staging from My own Staging Career, which is a longer Career In Staging than Anyone . Then I went on to Teach and Build the Industry I Invented Upon My Ideas, Concepts, and My Whole Staging Program.’ Teaching My Communication Course and Program is My Current Mission and to Bring Better, More Productive, Communication Skills and Knowledge to Stagers Around the World!


I am very excited to share with YOU, as an EAHSP Member, My New ‘Certified Staging Communication Specialist™’ Courseand the New CSCS™ Designation.  

I Have Just Released the Information on My New Site in ‘Education with Barb.’

There are 2 Programs I Originated and Include in my CSCS Course!  I am presenting the 2 Programs as 2 Half Days, each 4 hours in length. The 2 half days take place back-to-back. They total together 8 hours of Communication Education in my CSCS™ Course. I set up the 2 – half day schedule for Your convenience.   

Below are Just Some of the Crucial Subjects I am Teaching in Each of

The 2 Programs which are My CSCS™ Course :

*THE CAREERBook® :                                                                

What Is it, Why & How It Works & How To Build It & Use It

*CSCS Communication:

*How To Really Communicate with Clients 

*How to Secure The Business & Why Sellers Love It

*The Communication Mistakes You May Be Making

*How CSCS Communication keeps You on the Offence, not the Defense

*How to Successfully Communicate Re Difficult Situations with Sellers

*How to Achieve Success with RE Agents 

*How to Educate Sellers the Right Way so that They Do Everything You Ask

Why Your Vocabulary Is SO Important

*The Crucial Keys to CSCS Better Communication

*The Importance of A Communication Foundation

*My Staging Client Relations Communication Success Steps,


Please go to my site to register for My CSCS Course. You will be more than Glad You Did!

There are 3 Reasons that come to my mind of WHY YOU want to Attend and Graduate from My CSCS Course;

1. The CSCS Course will Bring You: More Communication Expertise, More Tools of How To Communicate 

about Anything, no Matter what the Situation is, Communication Skills and Ways to Bring You More Sellers, 

More Business and even a Happier Life. 

2. As The Inventor of Home Staging Industry and The Staging Industry It will be my Honour to 

  Personally Certify YOU as ‘Certified Staging Communication Specialist’ as you Graduate 

  from My CSCS Course. I have never done this before and it is my Joy to do this now!

3. When You Gradate You Will Be Gifted A Page Profile on My Barb Schwarz Network Directory for a Year and

You may chose to stay on The Directory when You Renew Your CSCS Designation Each Year at the same time. 

I Hope to See You In My Course Soon!

Happy Staging to You!

Barb Schwarz

The Inventor of Home Staging and The Staging Industry, The Founder and the Original 20 Year Builder of IAHSP,

The IAHSP Foundation, World Wide Staging Service Week, WWSSW, and World Wide Staging Day, WWSDAY, January 9th/yearly.