Portuguese Style

Portuguese Style

Portuguese style: traditional tiles, natural fibres, unexpected colours, quirky furniture.

The climate ranges from mild to hot, and house styles reflect a slower pace of life. Outdoor living space is just as important as indoor living space. Bright, natural colours are used extensively in Portuguese home décor. Designers incorporate the style and existing elements of the architecture with modern components: rough exposed beams are cleaned up and stained or even left natural.

Design elements from nature are frequently integrated with materials that lend themselves to both indoor and outdoor use. Wood and tile workflow from inside to outside. Hand-painting tin-glazed ceramic tile-work, usually with blue or yellow paint, can be found both indoors and outdoors. The amazing Portuguese craftsmanship is reflected in hand-painted tiles, also known as Azulejos. They are a traditional and ancient art form popular in Portugal. They also evoke vital historical and mythical scenes from Portugal’s past. The original idea of Azulejo was to imitate the Byzantine and Roman mosaics.

Portugal has one of the strongest textile industries in Europe, a symbol of quality & reliability. Known for its impressive craftsmanship and expertise in high-quality clothes and home textiles.

Discover the uniqueness of home décor in Portugal, you’ll be captured and charmed.

Article written By Roberta Sbarbaro, Partner Coordinator IAHSP®Europe