Loft - Open Space

Loft – Open Space

Open Space has became a synonym for “modern home”.

The open space concept originated in the US in 1970s. At that time, artists decided that the attics of old industrial buildings provided the perfect space to create and design; a place where they could feel isolated and inspired. High ceilings and spacious layouts are the two main characteristics. Lofts can be very challenging in creating privacy, even though the same lack of division is the main charm of it.

Lofts are like a blank canvas.

Minimalism is the most suitable interior design style: it creates a comfortable and alluring room in a simple concept. 

There are many different creative ways to partition a space. The primary and fundamental one is to identify some focal points, so to elude the hazard of creating a confused or chaotic space. Do create corners! It is difficult for most of the people to visualise the different areas when there are few o no walls at all. When defining spaces, room dividers are the perfect solution. They also provide privacy for bedrooms or office spaces. For example, to keep a bedroom private, an interior glass door will be the perfect solution.

Group different set of furniture together, they will work as a hamonious whole. Lofts have the basic need for practical storage solutions. 

Rugs can help creating and defining an area; but they also make space feel warm, cozy, and welcoming. Use multiple rugs in a large area, only make sure they complete each other. 

The colour palette is essential: too much different colours will create confusion. Do coordinate colours and materials together: a neutral colour scheme will provide an easy flow through the loft.

Select the right lighting, focal points are fundamental here as well. The best choice will be in proximity to furniture rather than just central from the very high ceilings. Open space windows are usually high and large, ensuring the daytime natural light to brighten all the space. But those same large windows do not protect your privacy. Windows can be, partially or fully shielded with linen or multilayered gauze curtains, or with thicker blinds.

Call it flat or villa or open space loft, from house to home, the common aim is always to create a cosy and welcoming ambience.