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Katalin Lévai-Lakner

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I have qualifications as an economist, interior designer, and home stager and have been undertaking assignments in Hungary and online for the last few years. My goal with my work is to get the most out of the given property both functionally AND aesthetically, to create REAL VALUE with which the seller or investor can maximize profit, and the buyer/tenant gains a neat space to use as they please.

I worked for an international company for 20 years as a financial and strategic manager. After that I leaned into my passion and have been focusing on interior design, specifically home staging, since 2020. I believe that the skills I’ve gained thanks to my experiences are necessary in the home staging profession: the economist side of me approaches projects from the profitability aspect, while interior design helps with spatial organization. By combining the two, I can provide services like complex real estate consulting, real estate development, home staging, and, if necessary, project management.