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🏆🏆 My name is Ewelina Matyjasik-Lewandowska and I have been working in real estate market for 7 years as a broker and home stager creating brand: Chasing the sun.

🏆🏆I am Award Winning Home stager, real estate broker, investor and founder of the Chasing the Sun.

I have started my Home Staging career in 2019. At the beginning I was working as a Realtor, then step by step started working for other estate companies, investors, private customers. 

Home Staging in my life came from the need to beautify the surroundings, emphasize the beauty of the property, speed up the sales process and maximize its profits.

What distinguishes my work?

  1. Majority of the properties staged by me are selling on the 1st presentation
  2. Each project I create is totally different and unique – because I believe each house has its own character 
  3. One of the investors I cooperated with have earned over 100 000 zloty extra in just 2 days because of my staging
  4. The house, I have designed and staged, was sold for over 1 000 000 zloty on 1st presentation – even before listing
  5. I offer not just staging but also renovation, coordination of renovating process and selling /letting estates.
  6. My projects have been published in interior design magazine, such as: Elle Decoration and Dobrze Mieszkaj 
  7. I was awarded on 2021 Home Staging Gala a main price in category: Inhabited House Category, then the following year I have received Special Distinction of EAHSP at 2022 Home Staging Gala 


🏆🏆 International Home Staging Award 2023 – Finalist Best Luxury Home Staging🏆🏆

🏆🏆Home Staging Gala 2022 & 2021🏆🏆

2022: Special EAHSP Distinction,

2021: Winner of Home Staging of an Inhabited House Category

🏆🏆Best of Home Staging 2021 – Client Care Excellence

🏆🏆Best of Home Staging 2021 – Staging Excellence 🏆🏆

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