Learn more about our Regional Manager for Spain, Monica Blanco

Learn more about our Regional Manager for Spain, Monica Blanco

The IAHSP®Europe interviewed Monica Blanco, the Regional Manager for Spain and Vice President of AHSE.

Scroll down to find out more about her and Home Staging in Spain.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.
Born and raised in Spain. I am married and mother of two wonderful kids. Got an education in Interior Design and as an Accredited Stager Professional. Love to travel, music and socialize.

Apart from being the Vice President of your country’s association, what other hats do you wear?

I am the Regional Manager in the IAHSP®Europe in Spain. Owner of my company, Mogo Design, based in Madrid.

How long have you been the Vice President of your Association and what accomplishments are you most proud of so far?

I have been the VP for almost a year. The accomplishments so far are: Better communications with the all the area´s delegates (representatives) in the different parts of Spain, to better understand the needs of all the members.

Better education for the stagers through monthly courses with all the members, who want to participate to get ready for the real state world.
A private area in the AHSE website for all the members with a lot of helpful information.

How did you get into Home Staging?
It was through the need of finding a house when my husband and I moved from the USA to Spain, at the same time that I was pregnant and I didn’t like anything I saw on the market. At the beginning I didn’t notice that the houses in Spain were not presented as they were in the USA.

I honestly though it was part of pregnancy’s madness but shortly saw the necessity of the staging in the houses and I put my hands to work on my Home Staging Business.

For you, what does it take to be a Home Staging professional?
In Spain, Education and have all the paper work with the government in order to be able to work. Keep the standards high and be part of the association.

What is the Home Staging industry like in your country?
It is getting better with the years, more people have heard about staging and its benefits, however the challenge comes in different variations.

People are used to sell their houses the way as they live it. So accepting that they have to invest in their home in order to sell it for more money and sooner is a little bit complicated but as soon as the professional stager educate them is easier.

Real state agents not willing to change and let us work together, they still think about us as a competition more than a help.

Real state agents doing poor home staging by themselves, which stains our image and professional industry.

In your opinion, why is it important to be part of an Association?
Being part of an association helps us to grow and learn from others with the same circumstances.

Being part of the AHSE is a sign of professionalism. To learn in our yearly convention and creates synergies with others.

3 times a year the AHSE opens their doors to stagers who want to be part of the family. January, April and October. Stagers can email us and they will receive an email with all the requirements to be part of it.

What advice would you have for a Home Staging professional who is just getting started in their career?
Get the best education, go step by step and have everything paper work legal, join the national association and don´t give up. Sooner or later things will work out perfectly.