Interview with Francesca Greco, IAHSP®️ EUROPE Italy Regional Manager

Apart from wearing many hats in the Home Staging world, Francesca Greco is the IAHSP®Europe Italy Regional Manager.

The IAHSP®Europe spoke to the Italian leader to learn more about her career, her many roles and her advice on how to become a good Staging Professional.

In addition to being the president of the association in your country, what other hats are you wearing?
I am the Director of Home Philosophy Academy since 2015 and IAHSP®EU Regional Manager for Italy since 2018.

How long have you been the president of your association and what results have you been most proud of recently?
AssoStaging was founded in April 2019, pro tempore from its foundation to 11 December, the data in which the elective assembly was held, during which my office on the board was confirmed with 63 votes out of 63 and appointed by the board of directors as President-elect with 9 votes out of 9.

How did you get into Home Staging?
I have been co-owner of a real estate agency since 2004 in Milan, always attentive to news and always at the forefront of marketing and communication techniques. In 2014 I got to know home staging and attended two courses by inserting this tool immediately into my real estate agency.

What do you need to be a Home Staging professional for you?
The home stager is a professional figure with transversal skills. This is why continuous training and updates on scenographic and creative aspects, as well as those of marketing and communication, are necessary. The home stager must have an entrepreneurial mindset, create a business plan and know the market in which it operates.

What is the home staging industry like in your country?
In Italy home staging is starting to be implemented by real estate agencies, builders and investors finally as an indispensable and necessary tool. Finally, the creative aspect is no longer acknowledged but also that of communication.

The market is responding positively, more and more properties are being prepared and enhanced. The results are excellent, in terms of times and sales prices. The challenge is to continue divulging and giving the correct information. Give credibility to the profession.

Why do you think it is important to be part of an association?
Being part of AssoStaging means belonging to an association created to bring credibility and respect to the profession of home stager. It means being able to collaborate to give value to the profession, supporting it by adhering to its projects, such as the Quality Living Network. It means benefiting from all the opportunities that arise thanks to joining a confederal system such as Confcommercio, as the only association in Italy.

Since its inception, AssoStaging has welcomed about 90 members, signed an inter-associative protocol that is the Quality Living Network, joined the ConfCommercio conference system created various work commissions, started projects for the short-medium and long term through various programmatic documents, identified the territorial referents and the projects entrusted to them.

What advice would you have for a Home Staging professional who has just started his career?
I have several tips to give:

  • Continue training, updating, keeping up with the news of the national and international market.
  • Confront and collaborate with more experienced colleagues and other professionals in the sector.
  • Enroll in a national association in order to be part of a territorial system, join Iahsp to benefit from all the opportunities that an association of international scope can give.