IAHSP®EU Members Launch Home Staging Book in Hungary

IAHSP®EU Members Launch Home Staging Book in Hungary

“How to sell your property well- the basics of home staging” is the new book launched by IAHSP®EU members Réka and Veronika of Renna Home.

The only book in Hungarian on home staging is addressed to those who want to sell their property at the best price and the fastest.

You can learn the principles from the basics by which you can win millions when selling your property.

In the book you will find:

What is home staging and why it works.

Why the success of a property sale is up to you and why the buyer is willing to pay more.

Why is home staging different in Hungary than in America or Western Europe.

What is the difference between interior decoration and home staging.

What are the excuses you use to hinder successful sales yourself.

The book combines 5 years of experience, hundreds of million Forints raised for our clients, combined on more than 160 pages. Lots of useful information, illustrated with wonderful photos.

Those purchasing the book get an extra downloadable list of 52 tips on how to wait for the buyer with a property in perfect shape!

For more information contact the authors at hello@rennahome.hu