IAHSP® EU Virtual Conference 2021: all you need to know about this year’s event

IAHSP® EU Virtual Conference 2021: all you need to know about this year’s event

IAHSP® EU 2021 Virtual Conference

IAHSP®Europe, the International Association of Home Staging Professionals Europe, is hosting its 2nd conference that will bring together Home Stagers from all over Europe.

As IAHSP®Europe’s mission has always been to seek further recognition of the profession while also strengthening the Home Staging industry all around Europe, it’s only fitting that, despite this year’s climate, the annual conference will go on. For this reason the conference will take place virtually, on the 3rd September 2021.

Indeed this year’s current situation could actually turn out to be beneficial for the Home Staging industry. While face-to-face connection is absolutely vital and necessary, the decision to hold this conference in the virtual sphere could bring together even more people who normally wouldn’t be able to travel to a certain location.

This all-digital format will make the event extra accessible and offer businesses from all over the world the opportunity to meet up virtually and have either 1-1 or group interactions with renowned industry professionals, ready to share their expertise with companies and budding stagers alike.
IAHSP®Europe is committed to ensuring that this virtual conference will bring together the best of the industry so that anyone joining the event will have an enriching and memorable experience.

This year has been challenging to say the least and we want this event to be the perfect opportunity not only to network and learn from celebrated professionals but also to highlight those companies that have been able to adapt and make a difference through this time.

Focus, Clarity and Vision: three simple words that capture the essence of a successful business are this year’s theme.

Tickets will be released soon along with all information about the event itself and the wonderful line up that’s going to offer updates, insights and a space to communicate with one another with the 2022 Lisbon Conference already in mind.

This virtual conference, supported by IAHSP® international and sponsored by HSA and HSVS, will also give the opportunity to companies and individuals in the Home Staging industry to become Sponsors. Companies would be able to choose sponsorship packages, tailored to their own preferences and needs.

It is an amazing occasion to turn the spotlight to your own company so make sure to check out Home – IAHSP®Europe to know more about these packages, the Virtual Conference, and everything related to Home Staging in Europe.