HSA HOME STAGING AWARDS 2023 |  Best International Staging Project

HSA HOME STAGING AWARDS 2023 |  Best International Staging Project

Step onto the stage of recognition with the Home Staging Awards UK & IE 2023! This prestigious event celebrates your exceptional projects, allowing you to garner well-deserved acknowledgment from your peers, colleagues, and fellow members.

Introducing the Best International Staging Project

Amidst the anticipation, we introduce a new category that beckons your expertise beyond the confines of the UK and Ireland—the Best International Staging Project. This exclusive category invites you to showcase your proficiency in transforming spaces across the globe into captivating properties that drive sales.

Submission Criteria

To qualify for this esteemed category, entrants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Stage a minimum of 3 rooms in a property located outside of the UK and Ireland.
  • Demonstrate a keen eye for selecting pieces that accentuate the property’s finest attributes with a focus on facilitating sales.
    • Present a concise case study, not exceeding 150 words, encompassing key aspects of the project:
    • Background information on the property or project.
    • Initial listing price post-staging.
    • Final selling price.
    • Duration between staging and receiving an offer.
  • Provide 4 to 8 high-quality photographs that comprehensively portray distinct areas of the staged project. These images should capture the entirety of rooms, avoiding photo collages containing multiple pictures in a single submission. While before images are optional, they are encouraged but not obligatory.

The Home Staging Awards UK & IE 2023 extend an invitation for you to shine in the spotlight. Through the addition of the Best International Staging Project category, we celebrate your ability to transcend geographical boundaries and create remarkable transformations that yield impressive results. Seize this opportunity to share your passion and expertise on a global stage, as you submit your entries and set forth on a journey of recognition and achievement.

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