Home Philosophy’s Training Day 2022

Home Philosophy’s Training Day 2022

In a world where everything is communication, the HOME | Philosophy Training Day is a privileged place in which to discover its role in the Home Staging Industry.

What role does communication play in Home Staging? How can we propose and enhance the value of our work? How do we find the right mindset? How can we differentiate ourselves and thus fit into the market?
We will answer these questions during the HOME | Philosophy Training Day on September 22. 

In an exceptional location - the Hotel Cavalieri in downtown Milan - a pool of highly respected experts and lecturers will train, will give insight and bring testimonials, touching on various aspects of communication in our profession.
We titled our Training Day: "The Value of Communication - make your business flourish by starting with you", because we are aware of the value of communication in Home Staging as well as in so many professions. 
We know how important it is to know all the aspects, the boundaries, the correct methods: it’s a knowledge that allows us to "make  business flourish", starting with us.

If communicating is the essence of home staging, because we communicate emotions, Training Day becomes the fast track to gain strategic insight into our work, on multiple fronts.

The September 22 Training Day will be a day of communication, sharing and discovery. We will talk about home staging, mindset, strategies. We will talk about it and engage with faculty and experts and colleagues, among ourselves.
We will find out how to better focus on the most important aspects, how to set an attitude that is profitable and positive, how to find motivation and create our own personal path, considering all the tools we need to organize, prepare, propose.

After three long years in which we suffered physical distancing, we will have the opportunity to meet again and to share experiences; to network and to internalize concepts and images and strategies thanks to the experience of specialized lecturers and trainers, including marketing experts, coaches and creatives.

During the HOME Philosophy Training Day, many professionals in the Industry will speak: there will be a lot to learn!
Networking will take place, that is, new relationships will be created and existing ones strengthened: it’s the  fundamental of all professions that "communicate", such as that of the Home Stager.
We will be able to meet and get to know each other in person, we will listen, ask questions and receive answers!
We will be delighted by an exclusive view over the rooftops of Milan, in the heart of the city.

And, last but not least, we will award the winner of the ”Il Bello chiama il Bello” contest!
On the Training Day there will be an award ceremony for the top three winners of the HOME | contest Philosophy intended for the trainees.

The contest is about home staging projects on empty or furnished or occupied houses, with complete features. 
Prizes will be awarded for the best Home Staging works  done by the trainees of our Academy. 
The academy teachers themselves will evaluate the received projects under various aspects, all attentive to the fundamental characteristics that a quality and effective home staging must have for the Italian real estate market.

The Training Day will be sponsored by the IAHSP®Europe, and we are deeply proud of this.
The event will be attended by the Association President Sanja Radovanovic Association and Treasurer Verena Mumford, proving that unity is always strength and that the values shared between HOME Philosophy Academy and the IAHSP®Europe have always been a driving force for sharing and support.

We look forward to seeing you at the Training Day on 22 September to… communicate and share beauty!

Francesca Greco

HOME|Philosophy Academy Director