Hallways aren’t usually considered one of the rooms. Often the smallest space, often the hardest to decorate, often the most neglected. But hallways are the most important junction point. 

Decluttering is invariably the first and best step to take: keep it organised and tidy by removing superfluous elements. It could be a complex work making a hallway look wider.

Furniture should be chosen in proportion to the size of the hall. 

Regardless of what paint colour you choose, it’s preferable choosing a washable paint. Opt for light and bright colours. Grey and white are for example a winning combination. Try to create a perfect balance of the two neutrals. Light colours help to achieve a double aim: brighten a room and make it appear larger and wider. The Nordic Scandi interior style comes to our aid; it helps create a calming space.

Normally, the more light there is, the bigger the space looks. A well-lit hall is always preferable. Mirrors are our best partner in hallway design. They reflect both natural and artificial light, opening the space up. Large mirrors at the center of the hall will stretch the sight line. The opposite end of a hallway is often the first thing you see. Do create a focal point, and shape a feature area there: a multifunctional piece of furniture as a bench or a console, or a framed picture gallery wall (the eye-line will be kept engaged. Better hung at eye level), or an indoor plant. 

Hallways give privacy but also connect different areas of the house; it’s the perfect transition space.

(Pics from Pinterest)