Greek Aesthetics

Greek Aesthetics

Summer is here. Pack up for the Greek islands or take their style to you!

Grecian-styled interiors are simple, elegant, and functional.

Cobalt blue and white are without any doubt the emblem of Greece. Symbols for the seas and sky, or the clouds and waves. Greek design is identified by the two pairing colors.

Whitewashed walls had a significant purpose: to keep homes cool. Long before air conditioning, Greek thick stone walls have been used as a perfect block from the heat, to reflect the hot sun.

The idea of using natural materials is considered very important. When it comes to fabrics, chose the ones that are lightweight, gauzy and in a neutral palette. Using light drapes for the windows will give a sense of lightness and elegance to the room.

Greek summers can be very hot; opt for lightweight fabrics that will keep the interiors cool. And, it’s so sophisticated! 

Greek design relies massively on natural stone flooring including limestone, natural wood, and cobblestone.

Olive trees are by any means, one of Greece’s pride. Olives are a central part of the Greek economy and culture. 

Place oil jars or olive trees indoors or out, they will look sensational. It will bring a vital part of Greece into your home.

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Article was written by Senior Content Contributor IAHSP®EU member Roberta Sbarbaro