Decorating with Stripes

Decorating with Stripes

Decorating with Stripes.

Queen Victoria dressed her son Albert in a sailor striped suit to board the Royal Yacht event in 1846. Therefore inventing the everlasting bond between stripes and nautical context.

A little later the French Navy provided navy blue and white striped uniforms to sailors, in order to make them easier to spot if ever fallen into the sea.

The “Breton” stripe was born. Fresh, endlessly versatile, undeniably chic. Stripes are not just a trend, they never go out of style. Stripes immediately remind of a summer day, cheerful holidays, and crispy salty air. In their simplest form, are narrow, medium or thick bands of colour on a white base.

The width and length are the variables that make stripes so appealing. Multi-striped fabrics contain bands of colour of different thicknesses, repeated. Multicoloured multi-stripes put on an element of fun to any room; think of kids and teenage bedrooms.

Turn them or align them, vertical or horizontal either way the result will be a lovely unexpected mix and match. Fuse stripes in complementary shades and textures for a fresh look.

They blend splendidly in nearly any space.

Let this summer be your inspiration!

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