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A message from Stageflow

It was great meeting you! Firstly, thank you to everyone who came over to meet us and to sign up to Stageflow at the conference. It really was fantastic to hear so many great comments from stagers already using the app and many who were excited to sign up. When we developed the app, our main goal was to create something which would evidence staging

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Use Stageflow to win business!

You want to win more business. You know that real estate agents are a really good route to the business you want. The agents you speak to seem to regard staging as ‘non-essential’ in their marketing. In a seller’s market, real estate agents don’t believe it’s necessary to use staging, ‘everything is selling quickly without the need for

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First Staging Magazine in Spain

The first international digital magazine in Spain, specialising in home staging, is now available. Staging Mag is a magazine created with the aim of promoting the best home staging jobs and the home stagers that developed them, showing the benefit of well-crafted properties, but also the added value for photographers that allow these projects to stand

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