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Behind Canvas: Our New Educational Partner


BehindCanvas Online Interior Sketching Academy: "Do you want to learn how to visualize your home staging ideas on paper quickly and efficiently to boost your sales? Your sketching journey starts here!" Stephanie is a professional artist and Founder of BehindCanvas Online Interior Sketching Academy. She creates Short & Simple

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7 Steps to a Feng Shui Living Room

Written by: Kave Home, Marina Privat Kave Home is a furniture brand that believes in doing things differently.

We always go one step further, and we're the number one option for perfectionists who are looking for unique products and styles that are always ahead of the curve. At Kave Home we make things work. We are obsessed with great

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Loft – Open Space

Open Space has became a synonym for “modern home”. The open space concept originated in the US in 1970s. At that time, artists decided that the attics of old industrial buildings provided the perfect space to create and design; a place where they could feel isolated and inspired. High ceilings and spacious layouts are the two main characteristics. Lofts

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HALLWAYS Hallways aren’t usually considered one of the rooms. Often the smallest space, often the hardest to decorate, often the most neglected. But hallways are the most important junction point.

Decluttering is invariably the first and best step to take: keep it organised and tidy by removing superfluous elements. It could be a complex

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Decorating with Stripes

Decorating with Stripes. Queen Victoria dressed her son Albert in a sailor striped suit to board the Royal Yacht event in 1846. Therefore inventing the everlasting bond between stripes and nautical context. A little later the French Navy provided navy blue and white striped uniforms to sailors, in order to make them easier to spot if ever fallen into

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Greek Aesthetics

Summer is here. Pack up for the Greek islands or take their style to you! Grecian-styled interiors are simple, elegant, and functional. Cobalt blue and white are without any doubt the emblem of Greece. Symbols for the seas and sky, or the clouds and waves. Greek design is identified by the two pairing colors. Whitewashed walls had a significant

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Salone del Mobile Milano

Salone del Mobile is going for its 60th edition from the 7th to the 12th of June 2022. The first edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano was held on 24 September 1961. A group of thirteen Italian furnishing entrepreneurs decided to launch the first Milanese fair. At first, it was concentrated on the Italian furniture industry only. Then

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