ASP®RE Course

ASP®RE Course

with the IAHSP®EU with this course developed by –
The World Leader in Staging Education

Earn the Designation that gives you the best marketing edge over your competitors! Gain more listings and sell homes faster by attending the proven and successful Accredited Staging Partner® Real Estate Agent (ASP®-RE) Course! This one or two day training course is specifically designed for Licensed Real Estate Agents wanting to list and sell more homes through the benefits of Home Staging. Accredited Staging Partner Real Estate Agents (ASP®-RE) will learn vital information to help you include this service as part of the business process.

The ASP®-RE Real Estate Agent Training Course Objectives:

  • Learn why it is important to Stage® all your listings
  • Effectively communicate the benefits of Staging with your sellers.
  • Create a more powerful listing presentation.
  • Understand the Fiscal Benefits of Staging – Return on Staging Investment for your sellers.
  • Receive Statistics and Data that supports Home Staging you can share with your clients.
  • Learn how Staging applies to your Fiduciary Responsibility to get the most for your sellers.
  • Learn Home Staging Sayings to better communicate with your sellers.
    Understand the Criteria of ASP® Home Staging and learn Staging concepts, and ideas.
  • Better price your Staged listings.
  • Learn how to work with ASP® Stagers.
  • Create a more value-added service and make more money in Real Estate!

What you can expect to learn in your course:

  • What Home Staging is and what it is NOT
  • How to use Staging as a key market differentiator for business
  • How to use Staging as a key marketing tool for listings
  • The Four Phases of the Staging and Selling Cycle and how to use staging as a key business and marketing tool to benefit your clients and grow your business
  • Fulfill the Fiduciary Responsibility to your Clients and protect your business
  • Protect your Commission
  • The importance of upholding your fiduciary responsibility to the Seller by providing Home Staging information as an option for clients and protect yourself from risk of breach of duty or negligence claims
  • Preserve the Client’s Equity
  • How to get every client to say YES to Staging their properties
  • Receive current industry Statistics that prove Staging works to help homeowners get top dollar
  • Gain access to before and after photos that can be used in a listing presentation to demonstrate the powerful effect Staging has on buyers online and in person
  • Learn how to share things with clients without offending them
  • Learn key scripting and phrases that effectively communicate your message
  • Receive scripts that clearly articulate value proposition and listing process
  • Understand how valuable time is and how to partner with Stagers
  • What a real estate agent should expect when working with a Stager
  • Learn how to never give away creative ideas for free again
  • How and when to introduce Home Staging in the listing and marketing process to benefit both the Seller and listing agent.

    And a lot more!

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