2022 World Design Capital: Valencia

2022 World Design Capital: Valencia

Every two years, the World Design Organization awards a city as “World Design Capital”. And this year VALENCIA has been chosen.The epicenter of Mediterranean design, a land of creativity. As with the previous WDO® cities, design in Valencia is used as a tool to stimulate economic, social, cultural, and environmental development. Valencia Conference Centre is an emblematic piece of architecture, designed by the renowned architect Norman Foster.

The city is an exciting mix of historic and modern structures.Silk and ceramics are just two of the many design values of the Valencian region.Valencia has been one of the capitals of silk production since 1500. The Valencia Silk Road is a route of the historical and artistic legacy left by the silk trade. The Road embraces both silk and the local craftsmen’s ceramics. Valencia has a rich ceramics culture that streams through the city’s past and present.

A year-long program of exhibitions and events that will enhance the value of Valencian design heritage.Immerse yourself in a flow of creativity. Travel, be curious. Just dive into all the events, conferences, exhibitions, and workshops Valencia will offer you.

Learn more: https://www.wdcvalencia2022.com

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