2022 Awards Winners Revealed!

2022 Awards Winners Revealed!

Last 28th May, the winners of the 2nd Edition of the European Home Staging Awards were announced during the Gala Dinner of the 3rd European Home Staging Conference, held in Lisbon, Portugal.

The 2022 Awards welcomed applications from IAHSP®Europe Members from across Europe, and the Board has invited renowned multidisciplinary Professionals to judge the 2nd Edition of the European Awards. Each member of the Jury has been carefully selected by the IAHSP®Europe Board, according to their expertise, experience, and knowledge.

There were 4 categories, each category foresees a winner, 2nd place, and 3rd place.

Here are the categories of the 2nd edition of the European Home Staging Awards:


Applicants had the opportunity and the privilege to have their projects being seen by these fantastic professionals:

  • Jennie Norris – Chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® and CEO of stagedhomes.com
  • Dan Negulescu – National Association of REALTORS® Global Ambassador for Central Eastern Europe
  • Edi Solari – Professional Photographer for Real Estate, Architecture, and Interior Photography, she collaborates with Engel & Völkers, Lionard Luxury, Sotheby’s, and Onefinestay/Soprano Villas/Airbnb.
  • Chris Dyki – Founder and Creative Director of London-based company Inhouse Photography, specialised in Interior Photography and Videography
  • Beatrice Zanolini – Director of FIMAA Milan Lodi Monza and Brianza
  • Lukas Kucharski – Founder and CEO of the leading Home Staging company in Japan, Home Staging Japan
  • Cindy Lin – Founder and CEO of Home Staging School Staged4More
  • Jonathan Miller – Founder of real estate staging & marketing company Jsquared Interior Staging & Design

The European Board has received a range of unique, beautifully executed projects and was impressed with the quality of the staging seen throughout the continent – not to mention extremely excited to have received applications from so many different countries, such as the UK, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Russia, and Hungary.

On behalf of the European Board, we would like to thank everyone who submitted their projects and we would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to the judges who have very kindly accepted our invitation to be involved in the European Awards.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2nd European Home Staging Awards!


3rd place: Olga Dmitrik-Kononova, JAMHOME

This project by Jamhome was completely conducted in an online format, and it was done in 7 days. Some of the furniture was left, and some were updated through the Ikea online store, they were well acquainted with their assortment and can safely recommend it when filling the project remotely. The additional decor was also ordered by Jamhome from various online stores with delivery.

However, they replaced some pieces of furniture inside the house as well as the patio, changed the lighting, repainted the ceilings, and added a new bathroom set. They also bought new textiles, decorative pillows, decorative elements, and dishes. After the homesteading, the project price is now 84500 euros.

2nd place: Maddalena Lovaglio, HomEmotion Home Staging

The owners of this house needed more space as both owners work mostly from home since the covid lockdown. There were mess all around the house as it had been neglected, untidy, and full of mismatched furniture, games, and books. The garden was also abandoned.

The house stayed in the Market for 3 months with an Agency, and they got low offers despite being in an attractive area.

1st place: Paula Bullard, Spot On Vastgoedpresentatie

The sellers were scaling down. The selling presentation really needed a new floorplan, flow, a dash of colour and lots of atmosphere to brighten up the dated interior. Paula staged it with many of their furniture, adding a few of their company’s furniture pieces and a large accessory package. The dated property became brighter and more inviting, going on the market for 675.000, and selling for 720.000 in just 11 days.


No 3rd place

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, some projects were disqualified because they did not follow the Terms & Conditions.

2nd place: Susana Ibanez Martin, Lares Home Staging

This project carried out in 2022. It was used as a loft for industrial use, and it was set up for sale as a home. The property was located in a business area that is gradually becoming a residential area, although the license is really business.

The project budget was €3.900,00, and the project duration was 20 days.

Susana emptied, painted, and carried out a staging thinking about the buyer ́s profile, taking into account the area and the characteristics of the house, and they finally carried out the photographic report.

1st place: Constanza Subijana, HS Decor SL

This is a 8M€ property which was in the market. It had been remodeled by a very prestigious architect in the city (OOAA) and was partially furnished. They required Constanza’s services to finish the furbishment, putting all the atrezo, flower arrangements and do the photograph shooting, during the day and the night, as they have special illumination in the apartment and terraces. Constanza prepared everything in 3 weeks and the budget was 15.000€.


3rd place: Maria Carlos Baptista da Silva, LOFT . DESIGN HOME STAGING

This was a home staging project of a luxury apartment in the city center in a new building, which happened in January 2022 with a budget of 19.200€.
Typology – 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open space living room with kitchen and a large balcony that becomes an extension of the room.

The owners’ objective was to direct the property to the luxury market, with a value above 500,000.00, aimed at the foreign market – investors. When carrying out the home staging assessment and possible objections, one was very relevant, the room was too small for the intended value and for the two existing bedrooms.

It was necessary to compensate for this shortcoming with an extension of the room outside, in the balcony with two spaces. The creation of such an important workplace these days, was created in the larger room. After evaluating the spaces and characteristics, the Moodboards and concept boards were defined.

This project included all the furniture and curtains, outdoor plants and outdoor furniture. The exterior was enhanced with two spaces, for leisure and dining, in order to minimize some of the property’s objections, the reduced area of the room with that price. This was all executed within 5 weeks.

2nd place: Grace Willcocks, Burbeck Interiors

Werter Road was a contemporary 1,200sqft Putney apartment which was dressed with rich opulent colours and light textures to suit the light and airy space. The open plan living, dining area and outside space, create a hybrid of indoor- outdoor living.

Grace and her team’s styling included natural influences such a faux fruit and pampas, that dovetailed beautifully with curated garden furniture we installed in neutrals tones to portray the comfortable lifestyle that would be enjoyed. Their designer sourced unique pieces by up and coming artists which adds to the true uniqueness of the styling. The wall art and use of neon lighting created a lasting impression in viewings. The property was listed post-staging for £1,100,00 after back-to-back viewings it sold for over the asking price at £1,140,000 within the first 4 weeks of marketing the property. It took 2 days to install from concept to completion. The budget for the project was £20,000.

1st place: Constanza Subijana, HS Décor

This project was executed last December 2021. The flat was sold in the month of February, it was listed in 2.8 M euros, and It was sold for the same price.

The budget was 34.000€+Vat, because the client bought the furniture and sold the property furnished.
Constanza sent the proposal to the client in the month of November which he accepted, within the next month the property was ready.  They prepared the property in December, started showing the property after Christmas, and it only took a couple of weeks to be sold.


3rd place: Ana Mendes, HOOST Home Staging

This is house in the city with a spectacular view of the sea. Inserted in a reference building, this apartment went to the sales market for 597.500€ fully furnished and equipped.

It is a duplex apartment with mezzanine and 3 bedrooms. From all the windows you can see the sea and an imposing mountain range.

The social areas were privileged, working on a palette of colors between the greens, blues and yellows.
Two bedrooms have a sleathing ceiling and the challenge was to prepare them so that there is no doubt of their comfort and functionality. Flooded by a beautiful light all the nooks were prepared to invite to enjoy the view.

The budget was 16,000€, and between the award and assembly took 3 weeks.

2nd place: Paula Bullard, Spot On Vastgoedpresentatie

This luxury 1928 villa was fully renovated with luxurious materials and features. Located in the city and just across from a large city park, it has no garden but rather just a small patio and terrace. The 1.295m priced investor property aroused much interest in buyers looking to scale down (to 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms) but enjoy city living without the worry to maintain a garden. The property was under contract within 30 days for the asking price, and Paula even sold most of the furniture to the buyer.

1st place: Anna Daccache, Atelier ADA Ltd.  

Anna has been selected in early 2022 to intervene in the iconic Barbican Estate London. The layout revolves around the interconnected spatial volumes. Narrow and tall spaces link with long and low spaces.

Dramatic, beautiful but cold and rough as Anna and her team discovered it empty. A true piece of architecture featuring unusual spatial volumes, architectural elements and raw materials.

They carefully selected in response and in order to create a luxurious tone-to-tone sophisticated interior: Accessories, fabrics, and rugs.
Iconic pieces of furniture, and artwork.
Lush feather duvets, bespoke cushions (made in-house), flower arrangements to bring in softness.
It was all about space texture and materials.

The high-end 5 beds property was recently launched on the market for £4.5 millions. Staging cost £21,000.00 for initial 12 weeks rental. 

Anna and her team took 4 weeks to put the scheme together, source, order, receive deliveries and 1 week to set up / stage including photography.

And that wraps up this year’s European Home Staging Awards! The IAHSP®Europe would like to congratulate all the winners and we are looking forward to seeing more of our members projects. Should you be interested in having your projects featured, you may get in touch with us at info@iahspeurope.com.

Watch out as we will also be sharing more details and photos of this year’s Awards winners at our social media accounts, so don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook.